Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recent finds on eBay

Just picked up the 1st edition paperback of Lovecraft: A Biography by L. Sprague de Camp for $1.00 in VG/Fine condition - - it differs from the hardcover edition in that it is slightly abridged and does not include references, index, or bibliography.

Also picked up a copy of Cthulhu Calls fanzine - - from April 1976, edited by Terry L. Shorb, published by Northwest Community College for $10 in Fine condition. The fanzine has little to do with Lovecraft, but does feature SF and horror poetry, some prose fiction, and other material.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Audio - Lovecraft Radio Dramas now on CD

Atlantic Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) has released 3 out of 4 of their Lovecraftian radio dramas now on CD, including their adaptations for "The Dunwich Horror", "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", and "The Rats in the Walls". "At the Mountains of Madness" is still available on cassette tape, hopefully it will also be released on CD soon.

For more info on Lovecraftian audio, see my article in Mythos Collector #6.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Mythos Collector Magazine

Mythos Collector (MC) is a digest sized print magazine publishing articles about collecting H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. Featured articles include media reviews, artist interviews, and writer interviews. MC publishes two or three Mythos stories per issue and some Mythos related poetry. MC also publishes original artwork, as pen/ink drawings.

Currently, issues #1 through #6 are available now. Each issue also contains an editorial, reviews, and auction watch column in addition to the contents mentioned below. Visit the Dark Tree Press web site for ordering details.

Mythos Collector #6 - Winter 2004
  • Cover Art by Allen Koszowski.
  • Interview with Peter Scartabello by Kevin Dole 2.
  • That Hideous Face by Daniel J. Bishop.
  • Lovecraftian Audio by Brian Lingard.
  • "Festival in a Forbidden City" by Tim Curran.
  • "The Unholy Attendant" by Phil Roberts.
  • "On Yuggoth" by Lee Clark Zumpe (poem).
Mythos Collector #5 - Spring 2003
  • Cover Art by Allen Koszowski.
  • Interview with Graham Masterton by James R. Cain.
  • Interview with C. J. Henderson by Brian Lingard.
  • "The Birth" by Paul Pinn.
  • "The Terror at Woodruff" by Michael Penncavage.
  • "The Blood of Alhazred" by Lee Clark Zumpe (poem).
  • "2 Limericks" by W. Paul Ganley (poems).
  • Mythos Collecting in the U.K. by Keith Woodhams.

Mythos Collector #4 - Fall 2002
  • Cover Art by Allen Koszowski.
  • Interview with Allen Koszowski by Brian Lingard.
  • Interview with Bernie Wrightson by Christopher O'Brien.
  • "Human Study" by Paul Melniczek.
  • "What it Was or Could Really Be" by Eric Hermanson.
  • "On a Budget" by Darrell Schweitzer (poem).
  • Lovecraft in the Pulps w/ Checklist by Brian Lingard.

Mythos Collector #3 - Summer 2002
  • Cover Art by Robert H. Knox.
  • Interview with W. Paul Ganley by Brian Lingard.
  • Interview with S. T. Joshi by Christopher O'Brien.
  • "Madness" by J. R. Cain.
  • "Dreaming R'lyeh Posse" by Lee Clark Zumpe.
  • "The Gemstone from Out of Space" by P.J. Roberts.

Mythos Collector #2 - Winter 2002
  • Cover Art by Ken Withrow.
  • Interview with Steven Philip Jones by Brian Lingard.
  • "The One Below" by David Sakmyster.
  • "The Call of Resin" by Shawn Scarber.
  • "I Am Nyarlathotep!" by P.J. Roberts.
  • Lovecraft Comic Price Guide, Part 2 by Brian Lingard.

Mythos Collector #1 - Summer 2001
  • Cover Art by Ken Withrow.
  • Interview with John Coulthart by Ken Withrow.
  • "Half Past Five" by Christopher O'Brien.
  • "A Matter of Religion" by James P. Roberts.
  • Lovecraft Comic Price Guide, Part 1 by Brian Lingard.

Welcome to Mythos Collecting

This site is an extension of Mythos Collector, the magazine for collectors of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, as published by Dark Tree Press.

My hope is to provide a bit more current information regarding collecting pop culture material related to H. P. Lovecraft and related authors.